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Police TaeKwonDo Demonstration Team was visited in GBS

Greetings in God’s love,
We send you greetings from GBS .we would like to appreciate you for your contribution and love towards the school that has made it possible to complete the term successfully. Big thanks go to those who made our work easy by abiding by the school rules and regulations and paying their dues promptly. Next term begins on 9th May 2022.

I wish to thank the staff for the commendable work done throughout the term and very special thanks go to our pupils who have exhibited a high degree of academic discipline. The school has prepared end of term reports for our pupils indicating their performance. Please read the report critically and advise your son\daughter accordingly. All pupils are strongly advised to take studies seriously and remain focused. The administration strongly believes that there is still room for improvement for those who have not attained the required pass mark.
Holiday Assignment should be done by pupils, and signed by the parent daily; and returned to the School on the first day of First Term 2 2022. Help Primary pupils to revise their previous studies every day for 3~ 5hours during the holidays, so that they do not forget them. Help all Pupils to write Handwriting Holidays homework neatly (P.1 ~ P.7).Help the pupils to read at least 10 books during the holidays. Help the pupils play less; instead let them do work in the house (e.g. washing, cleaning, colouring, and drawing, solving puzzles, having developmental conversations, and games with parents during evening hours). Discourage our pupils from watching Television for many hours; especially avoid adult movies. Visit and talk about historical places, people, animals, plants, culture, food, and special things related to so as to help remind pupils of what they have learnt in the school.

We had mid-assessment and I am grateful to all those parents who took time amidst their tight schedule to come and see the work of their children and also interact. I therefore sincerely wish to appreciate you for being part of this important exercise. I also wish to encourage parents who don’t join us in these assessments to do so next time because its helps you the child and teachers to identify areas of weakness and thus finding ways on how to help the child improve academically. For this academic term we were able to sit for midterm and end of term assessments which are reflected on the reports.

School opening date will be May 9th , 2022 Monday
The period of term Two is 14 weeks from May 9th to August 12th 2022.
“Be honest, Faithful and wise”.
Yours faithfully,

Amanya Emmanuel

Safety tips for returning to school during COVID-19,
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<<< Video Lessons >>> for P7, P6 Pupils

(10) Algebra Basics What Is Algebra
(11) Common Denominator LCD
(12) Adding and Subtracting Fractions
(13) Dividing Fractions
(14) Comparing Fractions
(15) Converting Base-10 Fractions
(16) Simplifying Fractions
(17) Circles, What Is PI
(18) Perimeter
(19) Area
(20) Volume
(21) Proportions
(22) Ratios And Rates
(23) Basic Probability
(24) What Percent Is It ?
(25) What Are Percentages ?
(26) Finding A Percent Of A Number
(27) Long Division
(28) Negative Numbers

(1) Sets: Union, Intersection, Complement
(2) Types of sets
(3) Shading Venn Diagram Regions
(4) Add and subtract unlike fractions
(5) Add and subtract mixed numbers
(6) Introducing percentages
(7) Percents vs fractions vs decimals
(8) Add or Subtract Elapsed time across A.M. P.M. and days
(9) How to find Mean, Median, Mode and Range

How you can access an GBS Holiday Lessons? Please read below,

1. Move a cursor to GBS ACADEMICS menu on the menu bar
2. You can find each Class menu which class you are.
3. Click the class menu what would you like to go
That's it

Some of menus are still under construction

Tr. Frederick

Be very strong, for God is with you and will protect you

Tr. Samuel

Hey guys, Love you all ! I wish you nice study. Please take care of yourselves.

Tr. Fortunate

Hello Lito ones, I thank God for our good health. I pray we all remain safe. Rake good care of yourselves. Love you all.

Tr. Emma

Hey Children, keep believing in yourself at all times and continue studing and working hard. See you soon. I miss you all.